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Surrounded by countless enemies, barbarian tribes, and monstrous cults, the Empire has always endured all the challenges and threats thrown at. Through strength of arms, will, and leadership, there has never been a storm that could halt the advance of Civilization.

Until now.

The Emperor is dead, slain by an assassin in the night and the Regents, formerly simply advisers to the throne, have each come forward to pronounce their own claim to the throne of the Empire. Corruption and gluttony have brought the bureaucracy to its knees, paralyzing the Empire in its time of greatest weakness, and the outer tributaries have seen attacks in greater numbers and ferocity than in years past. While word of the fractures in the Empire are scoffed at back home, the more distant holdings hear word of city-states declaring their independence from their former rulers. Spirit courts are full of unrest and with each passing day the Regents come one step closer to a civil war.

Heroes are not born. Heroes are made, cast in the forge-fires of adversity and tempered in pain. And in this time of need, the Empire needs heroes more than ever. Heroes to quell the chaos, to seize the throne, to cleanse the corruption. Or, perhaps, to destroy the Empire itself.

The Empire is in flames. Will you quench them or fan them?

Home Page

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